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Image Magic Defined ... An Overview



IMAGE ( i m i j ) ... n. & v. 1 a mental representation. 2 an idea or conception. 3 make an image of; portray. 4 reflect; mirror. 5 describe or imagine vividly.

MAGIC ( m a j i k ) ... n. adj. & v. 1 an inexplicable or remarkable influence producing surprising results. 2 an enchanting quality or phenomenon. 3 wonderful, exciting. 4 very effectively or rapidly. 5 enchantment, allure, charm, glamour, fascination, magnetism. 6 miraculous, amazing, marvelous, awe-inspiring.


Imaginative and influential concepts, dynamic graphic design, and compelling copywriting carefully crafted into effective integrated marketing communications solutions are key to the exponential results, which are by definition, Image Magic.

Since 1977, Image Magic has provided successful concept to completion marketing tools and creative services for local, national, and international clients. Today's economy demands an extraordinary business identity, brand image, and marketing message. Image Magic works wonders.

Contact Christine today and add Image Magic to your marketing mix.

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