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Image Magic

Graphic Design for Print & Web with Photoshop Magic
by Christine Peacock

My Baby Girls


  • Nicholson School of Communications at UCF Folio Art
  • My Baby Girls
  • Blue Lagoon Jasper and Lampwork Necklace
  • Magic Jester
  • Tampa Bay Fashion Photographer Ungala
  • Bridges Graphic User Interface for Group Benefit Resources Insurance
  • WoodChuck Cabinetry at Sterling Realty
  • Silvan Networks Global Routing Graphic User Interface
  • Earthbound Angel
  • Silvan Networks Logo
  • Hot Bass
  • Hindenburg Fire Rider
  • Buddy Bullfrog
  • Hospitality Technology Marketing
  • Pirate Joe Logo
  • Silvan Networks Graphic User Interface Page ID
  • Palm Shadows
  • Camo Frog
  • SonRise
  • Sun Catcher Aloe Blossoms

Image Magic Photoshop Enhanced Imagery

IMAGERY is almost always part of any design or communications project, with photography a popular choice. Whether high end professional photography, cost-effective in-house photo session, stock photography modified for custom use, or client supplied digital photography, Image Magic provides appropriate, effective and professional results, ALWAYS... since 1977.

Image Magic delivers extraordinary imagery for any purpose or media... custom original or modified Graphic Designs, Illustrations, Photography, PhototShop Special FX, and a plethora of feature treatments in a variety of design disciplines... Graphic Design, Environmental Design, Interior Design, Multiple Media Design and Web Design. | CLIENT LIST | . | RESUME |