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Ten Reasons to Include Image Magic in Your Marketing Mix
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Marketing Mix Magic



  1. PROVEN RESULTS :: Image Magic, by definition, creates concepts of remarkable influence producing surprisingly effective results for a variety of business, entertainment, and educational ventures. | PARTIAL CLIENT LIST |

  2. PROMPT PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE :: As an Image Magic client, you can depend on having your call answered after 5pm and on the weekends by someone familiar with you, your business, and your project. In addition, streamlined Project Management strategies and a modular approach, in which key components are launched initially, can get your marketing mix moving forward with 2 week turnaround time.

  3. ESTABLISHED :: Since 1977, Image Magic has proudly served the local Central Florida business community and the national market in a virtual office capacity since the mid 1990's. For over 30 years, Image Magic has served both Fortune 500 and the small business community.

  4. MISSION STATEMENT :: IDENTITY . . . Make Yours Memorable with Image Magic for lasting first impressions that enhance your image and maximize your ROI.

  5. SINGLE SOURCE MULTIPLE MEDIA STUDIO :: :: Complete state-of-the-art digital design studio, equipped with the latest technology to deliver creative services that keep yourbrand in the evoke set of your target market.

  6. INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION CAPABILITIES :: :: Founded by an Integrated Marketing Communications pioneer educated in Fine Art, Ad/PR Communications, Graphic Design, Small Business Management, and Services Marketing, experienced in the Advertising Agency, Newspaper & Magazine Publication, Television & Radio Broadcasting industries, Image Magic can provide comprehensive planning in the strategy and selection of products and services that will provide optimum ROI and results beyond the typical segmented approach of departmentalized Advertising, Marketing, and PR firms.

  7. MEMORABLE CORPORATE IDENTITY & BRAND IMAGE DEVELOPMENT :: Creating and combining the correct recipe of color and form to convey corporate identity and brand imagery was the initial design studio specialty of Image Magic (originally Image Magic Identity Systems) and has remained a core competency. Imprinting a positive corporate identity or brand image in the mind of the target market for a product or service should be the cornerstone of any client's marketing mix whether a business, entertainment or educational venture.

  8. INTERNET SOLUTIONS THAT MAKE CENT$ :: :: Creative strategy combined with a thorough understanding of Integrated Marketing Communications and Corporate / Brand Development provide a solid foundation for ROI when combined with Internet solutions that include in-house Web Design expertise, insightful Search Engine Optimization and FREE DOMAIN HOSTING.

  9. IMAGE MAGIC IMAGERY :: :: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Image Magic imagery speaks the venacular of your success.

  10. TALENT MANAGEMENT & EXECUTIVE DOCUMENTATION :: It's all about how you project yourself and your product or event to your target market audience. An eye toward image-building and professional communications is of paramount importance for successful Public Relations.

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