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Photography & Photoshop Magic for Multi-Disciplined Design Projects

Whether working with stock photography, professional photo shoot images, clip art, or computer graphics, Photoshop is often used to create or finesse images used in marketing communications, brand development, web GUI, and more. Professional Photoshop work is often a key ingredient in design project imagery.

Professional Photoshop Imagery

Available in a turnkey capacity or project-a-la-carte ... from concept to completion:

Photoshop Editing Before and After

  • Photoshopped Graphics
  • Photoshopped Photos
  • Photoshop Quik-Fix
  • Photoshop Illustration
  • Photo Collage-Montage
  • Photoshop Xpert Retouch
  • Photoshopped Special FX
  • In 1988, Image Magic added Photoshop Magic to it's product offerings becoming the "go-to" resource for Photoshop imagery, providing professional Photoshop services for major media newspapers, television stations, advertising agencies, educational institutions and corporations:


    Available in a turnkey capacity or as a project-a-la-carte... from concept to completion:

  • Art Direction
  • Design & Production
  • Image Editing
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Package Design
  • Photography
  • Photo Retouching
  • Print Brokering
  • Project Management

  • Products

    A long LIST OF CLIENTS, many and varied, has trusted Image Magic to deliver expert image or photo editing and design for:

    Image Magic Grapic Design & Illustrations Integrated Marketing Communications Specialist Identity... make yours memorable with Image Magic Image Magic Internet